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The ultimate multi-strand conveyor solution

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Motion control linear actuators

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Performance Feeders

Vibratory Feeders

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Indexers Freely
Programmable Rotary

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quality technical sales, support, and services
for advanced manufacturing processes

Manufacturer's Representatives

Manufacturer's Representatives for Automation Components, Assembly, and Leak Testing. Our principle companies take great pride in serving our customer needs. Our team of experts are here to make this process seamless as we facilitate engineered solutions.

We work with a large variety

We work with a large variety of manufacturers including automotive, medical, aerospace, and consumer products. These manufacturers come to us with diverse applications and opportunities which include test and verification, part handling and part presentations, and process traceability.

We also offer
a host

We also offer a host of Engineered Solutions for Advance Manufacturing processs, test, and verification.

We serve to meet

your assembly and test manufacturing requirements

Assembly Products was formed in 1988 with a vision to provide companies, like yours, the expertise to increase production, improve quality and reduce labor cost through automation solutions.

With over fifty years experience, our expertise is working with you to acquire the right equipment for the job. Working in partnership with your company, together we can obtain the quality, performance and support essential to your business.

  • We are professional, experienced, and dedicated to your satisfaction

  • We are proud to offer the highest quality technical sales, support, services for advanced manufacturing solutions.

  • Please contact us with any questions and see below for details.

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