How to Design the Perfect Display Case

trophy and display case examples


Wondering where you should start when customizing your ideal custom display case? Follow this short guide to help put you on the right path.

Choose Your Style

The first decision you have to make is which kind of display case you are looking for. If you want a standing case that adds another beautiful piece of furniture to your space, our floor display cases are perfect for you.

If you’d rather your case didn’t take up too much valuable real estate in your space, you can opt for one of our wall display cases, which can be securely mounted on virtually any type of surface.

For those with limited space options, we also offer custom recessed cases that look great in any hallway, entryway or room.

Choose Your Material

After you have chosen what type of case fits in your space, you can move onto selecting a material that suits your tastes. The major design options come down to two choices: wood and aluminum.

Wood display cases offer a more natural, traditional touch to a space, while our aluminum display cases offer a more modern, sleek look. No matter which you choose, your materials are guaranteed to last for life with our limited lifetime warranty.

Choose Your Finish

Whether you choose aluminum or wood, you still have a large amount of options for colored finishes. From wood stains, metallic finishes, or laminate and vinyl options, you can be sure your display case will blend seamlessly into your environment.

More Options, More Choices

Everything from your case’s shelving, lighting and backing materials can be customized. We offer mirrored, cork, laminate and multiple colored fabrics for backing, and our lighting options range from halogen spotlights to premium LED lights.

To add the finishing touch to your case, and to make it truly your own, we even offer custom printing on the back panel of many cases, allowing you to showcase your organization's colors, logos and any custom artwork you want.

To see everything we have to offer, take a look at our buyer’s guide and catalog.

More Customization Options to Come

We are always expanding our customization options for our display cases. No matter what your specifications or needs may be, our expert craftsmen will design and manufacture a case that is perfect for your organization. Simply contact us today and tell us what you need.