What to Look for in a Quality Display Case

Quality display case

When you have something nice to display - whether it’s a trophy, an award or anything else of value - it deserves a quality case to call home. Thankfully, the best display cases are not hard to find, you just have to know what makes a quality case and where to find them.

When shopping for your next display, keep these qualities in mind:

Durability and Safety

Your display case should be designed to last, not replaced in a few years. Top-of-the-line cases are built from hand-crafted, durable woods and metals. They also feature tempered glass, a safe and durable glass that is resistant to breaking.

Take a look at how strong the best display cases can be by watching this video.

For safety and security, your case should be equipped with locking mechanisms that prevent any person who is not authorized to access the contents of your case.

Most importantly, your display case should be backed by a lifetime manufacturer's warranty that covers replacement parts and materials should they become damaged through normal use and care.

Customization Options

Every business, school and organization is different, so why should every building have the same tired display case? You can go out and purchase a standard, run-of-the-mill product, but when you are looking for something that is going to become a part of your building for decades, it’s always best to get a custom solution that fits your needs.

That’s why you should buy direct from the manufacturer. Whether you are looking for a floor, wall, or recessed display case, don’t be afraid to put forth a very precise set of specifications, wants and needs. The best display cases - made by the best craftsmen - can be customized with: 

  • Specific size and thickness options
  • Interior lighting capabilities
  • Multiple finish options (wood stains, metallics, laminates, vinyls) that allow you to match your display to any environment
  • A variety of backing options including fabrics, cork, mirror and laminates.

When customization is a company’s standard, you can find any type of design options that meet your specific needs.

Fast and Damage-Free Shipping

There’s nothing like getting what you ordered quickly and in pristine condition. At Waddell Furniture, we are dedicated to processing, fulfilling and shipping your order quickly. We have one of the lowest damaged shipping rates in the industry. You are guaranteed to get exactly what you ordered, shipped to you safely, securely, and quickly.

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