Waddell Debuts Modular Space Division Collection:




Waddell is expanding its display and space division solutions with the introduction of Define, a collection of modular pieces used to define “third spaces.”  Define is a solution meant for community spaces to provide an alternative to architectural built-ins, serving as millwork but on a furniture budget and purchase order.


With less being spent on individual workspaces and more on the common collaboration areas, there is a need for more space division, branding, mobility, privacy, and noise reduction options from a product perspective. Define takes all of Waddell’s strengths as an American made manufacturer and combines them into one unit to meet the demands of how work life is changing.


“The Define solution grew out of mining the broad history, market position and operational capabilities of Waddell and the GMi family of companies,” noted Paul James, of James Design Company, who was contracted to develop the concept.  “It combines the latest visual communication tool expertise with traditional display case functionality to produce a new way to functionalize open plan environments.  The result is a flexible partitioning system that fosters collaboration, creates visual privacy, supports sound attenuation and egress, all while displaying organizational assets and visual brand narratives.”




Define creates spaces, or microzones, to conduct semi-private conversations, promote collaborative workstations, and creates definition between public entries and more private offices or lounges. Without walls, products need to be modular and configurable. With choices of a Collaboration, Display, Bench or Planter, Define allows for definition of space and creates privacy but also is adaptable to the changing needs of the space.


“The beauty of Define is how its function can morph throughout the day depending on the space it’s in and the user’s needs,” said Scott Bowers, Director of Product for Waddell. “We were driven by the idea of connecting employees to their work and coworkers through a variety of design elements that promote personalization and shifting work modes.”


Comprised of whiteboard surfaces, storage, and space division, Define offers a cohesive approach to space planning. Its nearly limitless configurations and options work seamlessly in the workplace, particularly open-plan spaces. While Define is distinguished by subtle detailing and on-trend finishes, its appeal lies in its vast menu of configurations.



With a slim profile, angled base, and simple drawer pulls, Define works well in any space from modern to traditional. Choose from a variety of standard laminates or custom match the finish to other furnishings in the space for a seamless look. Combine units to get the right mix of colorful glassboards, acoustic panels, and shelves for display to personalize the space. The Bench unit can have cushions to match the interior, or forgo the seating altogether and replace them with plants to add in a biophilic element to increase happiness, air quality, and warmth.


About Waddell, a GMi Company

GMi Companies, headquartered in Lebanon, Ohio, is a leading US manufacturer of visual communication products and display solutions to help people communicate, collaborate and learn. Waddell manufactures display furniture in a variety of applications to meet any environment. Ghent products include whiteboards, glassboards, mobiles, tackboards, easels, enclosed message centers, and more. VividBoard custom dry-erase boards are used in healthcare as patient room boards to promote communication and patient satisfaction. All GMi Companies products are sold through dealers specializing in office and education throughout North America.  


For more information, visit gmicompanies.com or waddellfurniture.com