Types of Collaboration Area



Variety of Work, Variety of Spaces
Not all types of work are the same, so it stands to reason that not all work spaces should be the same. To meet the needs of a variety of work projects, several different work spaces need to be created. Read on to discover what spaces experts say are must-haves. 


Six Types of Collaboration Spaces
An article in The Business of Furniture delineates six different types of collaboration spaces: 

  • •  Traditional conference rooms
  • •  Team studios
  • •  Huddle rooms with informal lounge spaces
  • •  Huddle rooms with video conferencing
  • •  Open collaboration areas
  • •  Flexible collaboration rooms


Importance of Being Diverse
As you can gather, the key to being effective with collaboration spaces is to provide a variety of places that allow for flexibility in the functions of each space. Sure, you need that classic conference room with its expectations of formality, but you also need a more relaxed space to let the ideas flow in brainstorming sessions.


Accommodating the Telecommuters
Another important criteria for collaboration areas is the ability to integrate technology. With the number of telecommuting workers on the rise, video conferencing systems are imperative. Establishing rooms that are conducive to video calls will help all workers get on the same page so they can successfully carry on with projects. 



Contain the Clutter 
The article in The Business of Furniture highlights the need for cords to be controlled, “It is important for power, charging and cabling to be accessible but neatly tucked away so as not to distract people from their work.”  Waddell’s Pallet Display Space Division Furniture is a great option to have areas within the office furniture to tuck away cords and clutter so employees can stay focused. Electrical is optional and the electric box will match the color or the laminate.


Make it Your Own
Another excellent possibility is Define. Modular and fully customizable, this space division and collaborative furniture can be reconfigured to be the just-right piece in your office. Incorporate planters for a biophilic touch, add a monitor for your presentations, or add seating for a cozy working nook. Combine the features that suit you best for a tailored piece.


Create the Space
For more collaboration–and productivity–to flourish, provide the places for it to happen.