Trending Textures for 2020



Textures for Visual Interest 
Textures add depth, interest, and visual appeal to a design. Imagine an idyllic landscape. What makes a scenery lively? Several different textures colliding together. Think about rocky mountains next to a shimmery river along with foliage-filled trees and fluffy clouds dotting the top. A successful interior design accomplishes this same rich variety of textures. What are some of the trending textures for 2020? Read on to get some inspiration for your space.


Pile it On
In a statement titled “Texture Galore” for Architectural Digest, assistant to the editor-in-chief, Gabriela Ulloa, expounded on the emphasis on combining different textures: "Putting my personal (and strong) feelings about this glorious trend aside, let's look to the experts, shall we? We saw an array of textures and colors juxtaposing each other quite seamlessly at Design Miami this year, from balancing out quirky faux-fur pieces with colorful woods, a la AGO Projects, to the quadruple threat that is the Jonathan Trayte lounge chair finished with marble, cowhide, steel, and woven polyester."


Digital Roots 
In an HGTV article titled “4 Show-Stopping Pattern + Textile Trends to Try” a connection from our online worlds to our offline worlds is drawn: “This digital-inspired trend is all about saturated color and techno design in the home. We see this trend primarily as accent fabrics to liven up a space with color, pattern and texture.”


Incorporating Greenery 
On the opposite end of the spectrum, a big design trend that’s been around for a couple of years and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down is the biophilic craze. The HGTV articles also says, “Companies like Ovando Design and Plantaria use color and texture in succulents and other outdoor plants, translating organic style into inspiration. We're seeing more companies embrace the softer side of color through transparency and texture.”


Leafy Beauties 
Waddell has an excellent option that would allow you to include plants in your interior designs. Choose the planter unit in your Define configuration to add greenery to your space.


Bring in the Felt
An interiors+sources article touts the current popularity of felt: “Showrooms at NeoCon 2019 are feeling the felt trend. The material is a popular component of multiple displays found in theMART and can be found on a variety of products—from furniture and wallcoverings, to flooring and fabric.” Define also has the option to include felt as a tackable and acoustic absorbing feature on its space division furniture. There are several great choices in a variety of colors.


Tons of Texture
No matter how you include it, just make sure it’s there. Lots of textures provide stimulation for the sense of sight and touch.