Create Your Moodboard Overnight



Gather the Look

Taking a nod from interior design, a moodboard is a piece that gathers inspiration to get a clear view of the look you have in mind for a space. The purpose is to create a collage that evokes the style you’d like to achieve.


Why Make a Moodboard? 

In this The Guardian article, interiors stylist Jeska Hearne explains the value of a moodboard: "If you're planning to redecorate, you might have seen lots of pictures that you like in magazines, but you can't really get an idea of how that style or scheme might work in your own house without trying it out on some scale."


Waddell Within Material Bank 

From this webpage, you can pick out samples of wood to see how they’ll look with the different colors of fabric you’re considering. Request the samples, get them in the mail, gather them in your space, see how it will all coordinate, and then you can make a well-informed decision. There’s always that slight apprehension of questions such as, “How will that stain of wood look juxtaposed against that shade of fabric?” With this process, you can take some of the guesswork out.


How it Works 

According to Material Bank, here is how the process works:

  • •   Search: Discover hundreds of leading brands all on a single site.
  • •   Order: Request samples from any manufacturer by midnight (ET).
  • •   Overnight: Receive samples in a single box by 10:30 AM the next day.
  • •   Connect: Get access to your brand reps, quickly and easily.
  • •   Return: Send unneeded samples back to be reused, eliminating waste.

Get Started Today

Request samples and get your moodboard rolling. See how the colors and textures will coordinate and the process will garner momentum and creativity!