Define Typical Configurations & Applications



Space Division for Collaborative Environments 

One product with nearly limitless configurations, Define is space division furniture for collaborative environments. Integrating particularly well in open office settings, Define can help fill the needs you have in your space. With shelving, storage, seating, writing and tackable surfaces, power integration, and TV monitor, Define can become anything you need it to be.


Where to Use It 

The best use of space may be where you have conference calls or brainstorm and breakout sessions. If you’re using Define in a huddle area, the bench unit might be helpful. If it’ll be in a receptionist area the biophilic option will make a great first impression with a welcoming touch. Incorporating a monitor will help facilitate conference calls or deliver presentations. 


How to Use It 

Comprised of glassboard and whiteboard writing surfaces, tackable fabric boards and acoustic panels, storage, and tech integration, Define offers a cohesive approach to space planning. If you’re looking to divide a large space, use it as a book shelf to separate a room or workstations. The optional electrical power source with USB connection means you can create a temporary desk within Define, as well.


Make it Yours 

The possibilities are practically limitless, with 17 standard colors for glassboards, fabric bench and tack surface available in 21 standard options, acoustic PET available in 7 standard colors, and units available in 5 standard laminates. On top of that, color matching is available for glassboards and laminate. 


The Perks

Don’t worry about how long it’ll take to set up—it comes fully assembled. It’s also backed by Waddell's Limited Lifetime Warranty and made in the USA. So go ahead and add functionality to your space without compromising aesthetics. Request a quote today and be on your way to stylish space division.


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