Designer Profiles: Kerry Rowe & Paul James


Meet the Designers 
In the world of office furniture design, we enlist help from stylists that find the biggest and brightest trends. We’d like to highlight two of those designers in this post. The first being commercial interior designer, Kerry Rowe. The second being industrial designer, Paul James.


Introducing Rowe

Kerry Rowe has over 20 years of design and development experience in the commercial interiors market. Naturally curious, observant and perceptive, and skilled in balancing business needs with culturally relevant aesthetics, Kerry’s career is steeped in the nuances of color and materials.

How Rowe Has Helped Us
She is known for paying attention to social trends to help guide brand direction. She has helped us with our LINK family of products along with our glassboards (Harmony, Aria, and Stroll). Her expertise in choosing colors leverages using hues and shades to make a design really come to life. 

Philosophy of Rowe 
In a statement on Kerry Rowe’s website, she proclaims, “Color, materials, and finish are an emotional catalyst that plays a pivotal role in how your customers perceive and value your products. Effectively applied, these visual and tactile messages communicate your brand’s personality, and make the experience of owning and using your products emotionally appealing.”


Introducing James

Paul James is one of the owners of Forim LLC, “A collaborative consultancy specializing in the invention and development of digital design and fabrication technologies, products, and new businesses.” According to their site, Paul James is an, “Award-winning industrial designer with experience in commercial and residential furnishings and architectural products categories.”

How James Has Helped Us
He has helped with designing our product, Define. The Define solution grew out of mining the broad history, market position and operational capabilities of Waddell and the GMi family of companies. His industrial design experience helps create office furniture pieces that solve conundrums related to open office environments.

Ethos of Paul James 
James states, “The mission at James Design is to drive innovation. We develop elegant solutions by inspiring reason in every function and art in every detail.”


Trusted Partners
Needless to say, we’re incredibly grateful to have both of these talented designers on our side.