Space, Safety, and Sound: How Integrating Space Division Impacts the Office


Creating Intentional Spaces

Is your office space effectively meeting your day to day needs? Perhaps your office could benefit from intentional space division. 

Regardless of the layout of your workspace, integrating space division into your floor plan can sow seeds that produce advantages for not just you, but the entire staff and company. When specifically speaking about open office layouts, there are many advantages such as enhanced collaboration. However, nothing comes without its drawbacks – and when it comes to open offices or shared cubicles/workspaces, the negative aspect is increased distractions. Due to the openness of the layout, audible and visual distractions are heightened, making self-focused, non-collaborative work slightly more difficult. 

Room divisions can create spaces for any and all types of work, and build a foundation of efficiency and productivity. 


The Benefits of Defined Space

Your company culture is strongly influenced by the layout of your workspace or office. Open offices are becoming increasingly popular in cities around the world, and for those utilizing the traditional office layout, the urge to reconfigure the workflow is also being reimagined. 

The beauty of office space division – especially mobile partitions – is that they can be configured to both the traditional and non-traditional workspace. At Waddell, that is why we created Pallet Mobile, for people in both types of offices to feel the same amount of impact from the product. Created with sturdy casters, our Pallet Mobile is easy to transport from room to room across any surface, extending your workstation as needed. With ample accessory options – from shelves to whiteboards – our mobile space division solution is not just a functional piece of office furniture, but a beautiful art installation waiting to be personalized. 

Ready to consider this for your own office, but still wanting to understand more of the overall benefits to space delineation? Let’s take a look.

  • Increased Focus – Like we stated above, offices in general come with their fair share of distractions. Luckily, mobile space partitions can greatly reduce the ability to visually see distractions, as well as reduce ambient noise. Providing yourself and/or your team with the ability to create a private office or simply a division to block distractions while at their desk can increase their focus, creating ample opportunity for better concentration. 

  • Financial Savings – Mobile space division is a financially smart way to not only provide a solution to office needs quickly, but also the ability to keep things fresh and new. Much like our homes, rearranging the layout can offer fresh perspective, boost productivity and even the overall morale. Regardless of whether you're working from an open-office or a cubicle, mobile space division makes so much possible. 

  • Work Safer – We’d be remiss to not account for the way the world is right now with the impact of COVID-19 and the safety precautions needed. Office dividers can not only impact us greatly from a work perspective, but a physical one, too. Placing dividers into your open layout can create a more cubical-like environment – which may not be everyone’s favorite, but will keep your staff safely spaced and lessen the chance for spreading germs. 

A proper working environment is essential to productivity and morale. While you make changes to how your workspace flows, engage your team and accept feedback! Who better to get input from than those who inhabit the space daily? By involving your team in the needs of the office, you can build rapport and continue creating a positive, well-oiled work environment for your company.