Trending Textures to the End of the Year


Shifting How We Work

With 2021 wrapping up, we decided to take the time to acknowledge some of the trends we’ve seen over the last year and provide forecasting with where trends are headed into 2022! 2020 and on have made undoubtedly some of the largest shifts in the workspace, revolutionizing how and where we work. Let’s take a look at what we’ve learned and where we aim to go.

Reflecting on 2021 Trends

Wow, what a year it has been! Specifically in 2021, we have seen offices adopt their learnings from 2020 and completely transform the workforce and workplace as we know it. Here are five changes we’ve seen make major impacts over the last year. 

  1. 1. The first and arguably largest trend we saw in 2021 was the changing purpose of the office. In 2020, we had to stay home and work remotely, however now we see an influx of employees asking for a hybrid work environment; the choice to go into work a few days a week and work remotely for the rest of them. As individuals have seen the positive impact this has on staff, there is greater awareness around the mental wellbeing of staff, leading us into our next trend.

  2. 2. We saw a large influx of focus towards employee health and wellbeing. Now more than ever before, it is crucial to check in with our team, provide them with resources and prioritize the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of our hardworking teams. As a byproduct, we have seen companies integrate things like biophilic design (interior design that integrates the natural world, specifically plants and greenery)  into their workspace, as a way to connect their team to nature during the workday. 

  3. 3. Supporting sustainable work layouts was a big trend as well, and a silver lining to the pandemic was increasing the speed at which these needs were implemented. Things like adding acoustics for concentration, biophilia for groundedness and organizational pieces that are configurable became a priority.
  4. 4. With new levels of awareness around the workplace, we see more intention behind the design of the office. Mixing old and new decor has been a common trend this year, blending retro and mid-century modern designs with modern minimal touches. Decorating with different metals has been huge as well, giving rooms a sleek but warm feel.

  5. 5. Incorporating natural lighting into offices has been a theme that somewhat runs in the same vein as creating a more sustainable work environment. Whether it is adding diffused light, artificial lighting that mimics natural light or reconfiguring your office to benefit from windows, all these efforts help boost your mood. 


Forecasting 2022 Trends

Balancing functionality, comfort, and aesthetics is the common aim for most when it comes to decorating their office space – whether you have a home office or an office outside the home. So, what do we see on the horizon for 2022? Here are some things to take into consideration as you choose updates for your workspace.

  • Paint colors! The top 4 color trends we see for the upcoming year are beige, soft blues, natural green shades and bright, energetic yellows.

  • recent article highlighted the demand for more focus on noise reduction in the office, so acoustics and sound solutions are estimated to be a popular goal for both a traditional office and home office. 

  • Bringing the comfort of home into the office is another aim for 2022. With the hybrid work model not going away any time soon, the goal is to make the workspace as comfortable as possible, while still maintaining a sense of professionalism. 

  • Sustainability will continue to be a priority. The environmental impact of materials is now being considered by employees just as much as the designers, so integrating eco-friendly, ethical materials is crucial.

  • The workspaces of 2022 will be a perfect blend of both open spaces and intentionally created “focus zones”. Partition-free open offices can create distraction, so the open office of the new year will provide equal opportunity for both collaboration and private work. 

The main goal for any office enhancements or changes is ultimately for the continued growth, wellbeing, and productivity of all staff. Through these changes, we believe a more engaged team – and a more engaged self! – can await us all in 2022.