How to Integrate Your Display Furniture Into Your Space

Your display furniture is meant to match the style of your space while calling attention to the items or awards you place within it.

Crafting Excellence: How We Build Our Display Cases

How do we build our cases? There are four major steps that transform your ideal display into a case that is delivered right to your door.

See Why Organizations Choose Waddell

See some of the wonderful things our customers have to say about our quality products and exceptional customer service.

How Lighting Affects Your Display Case

The way you choose to light your display case may seem insignificant at first, but it has an incredibly significant effect on how your items are showcased.

Show Your School Spirit!

Awards are meant to be displayed, so why not do it with elegance and pride? Our handcrafted displays will give your hard earned rewards a home that suits their prestige.

If Your School’s Trophy Case Could Talk

If your school’s trophy case could talk, what would it say? Would it talk about the children it sees every day?

Tips for Making a Display Case Unique to Your Organization

At Waddell furniture, the ability to provide hundreds of options as well as custom features is our standard.

How Hallway Displays Encourage and Inspire Students

When students see these awards in their schools, they become motivated to add their own accomplishments to the displays.

Choosing Between Wood and Aluminum Display Cases

If you are stuck on deciding whether or not an aluminum or wooden display case is right for you, consider the following benefits of each choice.