Natural Design Trends for the Workplace

Making an office environment more natural can help workers feel happier and be more productive. There have been bevies of research in the last few years further drawing the link. How can you make the approach work in your office? Read ahead for suggestions on how to make your space more natural and inviting.

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Collaboration AND Quiet:

A time to come together and a time to put your head down and get work done. A modern workplace needs space for both. But in the ever-prevalent open office, it can be a challenge to create a space for focus.

Start a Story With Your Space

Born in a two-story grain elevator during 1887, Waddell formed its start with a problem and a simple solution: putting a handle on a coffee grinder to make it easier to hold with two hands. This success shaped our passion for problem-solving.

Telling A Story Through Your Workspace

Your company should seize the opportunity to tell its story in every interaction it has with your guests, clients and employees. You have the chance to show off your unique brand personality and company journey by the physical layout and design of your office.

An Environmentally Friendly Update

We've moved from Halogen to LED lights in all of our hand-crafted cases and displays! LED Lights are the leading energy-efficient choice, giving out the most light per wattage while also using lower power consumption.

Create Microzones & Visual Separation with Pallet

Pallet was designed specifically for open offices in need of space division for privacy to easily transition from huddles to private workspaces while maintaining an open and airy environment.

Show Pride in Your Space with Made in the USA Displays

Handcrafted space division and displays are not a thing of the past. When you receive a piece of furniture from Waddell, you're receiving a piece of handcrafted furniture just for you.

Backed by Craftsmanship

The history of Waddell is not our only story... Our decades of craftsmanship is not our only trademark...