Designing for the Open Concept - Privacy

The open concept design needs to be functionally designed to support tasks, appear uncluttered, encourage collaboration through designated huddle zones and workstations, and maintain a flexible and fun work environment.

Designing for the Open Concept - Choosing Colors

Balancing aesthetics with functionality presents new problems for designers, like finding the balance between open sight lines and divided spaces or understanding color theory and choosing the right colors that keep a space bright and open, while also dividing the space for designated use.

Dividing Spaces Never Looked So Good

Designing for open environments although beautiful can bring unforeseen obstacles.

Designing for the Open Concept - Optimizing Collaboration

Companies have struggled for decades on fostering a culture that encourages collaboration.

Environmental Branding: Your Office is a Part of Your Brand

Businesses across the country spend billions of dollars every year building and advertising their brands and promoting them to their customers.

Enhance Open Environments with Pallet Space Division Furniture

Designing for open environments can sometimes present challenges when space division is concerned.

Setting Up Corporate Offices with an Open-Concept Design

Open office concepts have become more popular because of their ability to increase collaboration and teamwork among employees.

Limitless Applications - Pallet Space Division Furniture

Pallet was designed specifically for open offices in need of space division while maintaining the ability to filter light and allow your space to still feel open and airy.

Dividing Space with Refined Beauty

Designed to fit the needs of today’s open plan workspaces that are mobile, collaborative and configurable, Pallet provides space delineation while allowing environments to feel open and airy.